Screens for the mobile game Kill Shot: Virus
Tyler wilson splashscreen halloween


Tyler wilson splashscreen r7 logo

The latest opening screen for KSV.

Tyler wilson splashscreen cast logo

This is the initial loading screen on release of the game. It got a decent response.

Tyler wilson splashscreen xmasregion7

Crappy Holidays!

Tyler wilson splashscreen r6 logo

This is showcasing perks like chain lightning and fire that will be attached to your gear.

Tyler wilson splashscreen sniper ksv

From a version of the game that focused on sniper missions.

Tyler wilson killshotvirus screenshots

A few screenshots I put together for the app stores increased our installs by a large percent.

Screens for the mobile game Kill Shot: Virus

This is the first screen the player sees on loading the game. Fun projects that took 2-3 days. They were rendered in Marmoset Toolbag and Photoshop.

More artwork
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