Forged Fantasy - Art Direction
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Forged Fantasy - Official Trailer 2019, Edited by Jordan Lang

Tyler wilson a a grandbois demon

Model by Amber Grandbois

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Model by Ofek Maymoni

Tyler wilson youngskull v4

Model by Herald Bautista

Tyler wilson skullgirl
Tyler wilson overgrow
Tyler wilson hushen
Tyler wilson seamonkey
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Forged Fantasy - Art Direction

I had the opportunity to art direct this mobile hero collector in 2018. I'm really proud of all the art my team made for Forged Fantasy. We were under a tight schedule but using GANTT spreadsheets and careful concept planning we made it on schedule. The project was featured by Apple in it's "Gloriously Gorgeous Games" category. I'm pleased with what we accomplished!

Contributing Artists:
Additional by Alex Carigi, Leo Talento, Nasar Salman
VFX by Adir Fakiro
Animations by George Ashcroft

Concepts by:
Additional by David Ahn, Fred Dee

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